1. All tournaments will start promptly at the specific time specified in the tournament info page. We reserve the right to delay or cancel a tournament without prior notice.

  2. All information for every tournament can be found in the Tourney Info Page. This includes information on blind structure, length of rounds, re-entry and break information. We reserve the right to change the parameters of any tournament at any time without notice.

  3. All seats are random when the tournament commence.

  4. Game rules for each game are the same as normal table games.

  5. Prizes will be awarded as stated in the Tourney Info Page. The prize structure will be adjusted according to the number of entries and will only be finalized when the registration has closed or when the rebuy and/or add-on period is over.

  6. There must be suffient funds available in your account if you wish to be re-enter into a re-entry tournament. Funds that are at the same time used on other tables are not considered to be available.

  7. Late Registration:You may view the late registration info in the general info tab on Tourney Info Page. Late Registration is often available, but the length of the late registration period differs, but it will always be shown clearly.

    Late registration time is measured from the start of tournament and will end after stipulated time. In a Bullets format tournament, late registration will close at the end of stipulated Level (time is replaced by levels). Late registration will close early if enough players are eliminated to begin payouts.

    Players are allowed to only participate in each tournament once unless re-entry is enabled for that specific tournament. Players are not allowed to use multiple accounts to enter into a specific tournament. This may result in penalties including warning, disqualification from the tournament (with partial or full forfeiture of winnings).

    Unregistration:Players are allowed to unregister from tournaments if it is done within the specific time specified in the Tourney Info Page.

    Note:Registration and unregistration times may vary. Please refer to Tourney Info Page for the exact registration details for the specific tournament. We reserve the right to alter registration and unregistration times withou prior notice.

  8. Satellite Tournaments: Players who have won their seats through a Satellite are not allowed to unregister and will only be given a refund for the credit value of the seat in the event that the Target tournament is cancelled.

    Players are not allowed to register for more than 1 Satellite leading to the same Target tournament at the same time.

    Players can choose to register for both the Satellite and Target tournament at the same time but will have their registration for the Target refunded if they win a seat in the Satellite.

    Players who have already won a seat from a Satellite will not be allowed to register for another Satellite that leads to the same Target tournament.

    Note that some satellites will end after the start of the target tournament but during Late Registration. In such cases, the satellite winners will be seated directly into the target event within minutes after the conclusion of the satellite.

    Players who choose not to play in a target tournament after winning a seat from a satellite will receive no compensation.



  1. The tournament will end when one player wins all the chips in play, or when all remaining players win the same prizes, i.e. if the tournament has five seats as prizes for the top five placings, it will end when there are five players left.

  2. If two or more players are eliminated in the same round, the player with more chips at the start of the hand will finish higher. If all players began the round with identical amount of chips, they will tie for the same rank and any prizes due to those players will be equally distributed between them (Seats won from satellites will be split for the credit value of the seat).

    During "Hand for Hand" play, two or more players eliminated regardless the tables they are in during a synchronized round will be deemed to have been eliminated simultaneously. Player with more chips at the start of the hand will finish higher.

  3. The tournament will play "Hand for Hand" when (1) the next elimination forms the final table, (2) when the next next elimination is the "bubble" or (3) if there is a significant gap in the prize money. This means that if a table ends its round earlier than the rest, it will wait for the rest of the tables to end to synchronize the start of next round.

  4. Forward-moving button rule is used in tournaments. According to this rule, no player will receive the button twice in a row. As players get eliminated, there may be occasions where some players may skip blinds, however, this does not give players any long term advantage as it occurs randomly.

  5. When heads up, the button will post the small blind and act first.

  6. Our software constantly balances the number of players in all tables throughout the tournament by breaking up tables and filling up empty seats by moving players. These are performed randomly and although rare, may result in players having to post blinds multiple time in a row. Players who are rebalanced and moved to fill up other tables will be as much as possible seated closest to being the next big blind. When enough players have been eliminated, the remaining players will form the final table.


  1. The break schedule for a tournament can be found in the Tourney Info Page. Break duration and timing may vary between tournaments. There are two types of breaks:

    1. Synchronized breaks: Tournaments with this type of break may go on break at 55 minutes past the hour. This means that tournament that begins at 06:30 will go on break at 06:55, 07:55, etc.

    2. Breaks at regular intervals: Other tournaments will go on break at regular intervals throughout play. For example, a tournament beginning at 07:25 may go on break after every hour’s play, in which case the first break would begin at 08:25. In all cases, the tournament will wait for all tables to finish their round before commencing the break clock; tables that finish their round sooner will go on break while waiting for other tables. Not all tournaments will have breaks.

Disconnects and Sitting Out

  1. By use of this software, users agrees to accept the risk of Internet disconnection, including but not limited to problems with the connection between their computer and the servers, lag or freeze or some other problem in the player's computer or the Internet.

    1. We shall not be held resposnible for any player's disconnection.

    2. While users should be responsible for their own internet connection, we have safeguards (if the tournament offers DC Protection) to keep players' actions alive by allowing extra time to reconnect.

    3. If a player's action is timed out during a hand, his hand will be folded if facing action, or may be checked if facing no action.

    4. If a player is not connected before a rounds starts, he will still participate in the round (if not sit out) and be dealt cards. Blinds and/or antes will be posted. Players may choose to sit out; we do not rule against sitting out, and blinds and/or antes will still be posted. We do not condone players who may have conspired to sit out together.

    5. Players who timeout on their actions for three consecutive times will sit out automatically the next round.

  2. Some tournaments will have DC Protection enabled for the Whole Tournament, In the Money, or only during the Final Table. DC Protection is activated when a player is disconnected when it is his turn to act. Depending on the tournament, the duration of the DC Protection per hand might be different.

  3. If a tournament has provided 30 seconds per hand for DC protection, the 30 seconds will be used throughout each hand. For example: Players gets DC-ed on the flop for 10 seconds and reconnects back, he will have 20 seconds for the remaining turn and river street.

  4. Note: The rules described above may vary between tournaments. DC Protection may not be provided for each tournament; we reserve the right to change these rules without prior notification.


Unethical Play

Any action, chats or any other use of third party software to help player himself or another player is prohibited. Any form of cheating or unethical play including but not limited to, chip dumping, soft playing, may result in penalties, forfeiture and/or seizure of account credits.

Server Issues

In the event of server or any technical issues causing a tournament to be interrupted mid-way or cancelled, players will be compensated according to the tournament cancellation policy. Please refer to our Cancellation clause.

Multi-Table Function in Mobile APP

Please note that our APP only supports up to 4 tables simultaneously at the same time; you may still sign up for more than 4 tournaments, but we will not be liable for any negligence due to this function.


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