Online Ceme

Domino Card

There are total of 28 domino cards in the entire deck. They are namely:

Zero (0) Dot Series

One (1) Dot Series

Two (2) Dot Series

Three (3) Dot Series

Four (4) Dot Series

Five (5) Dot Series

Six (6) Dot Series

The Rules of Ceme Online

Ceme is an action game played by 2 to 8 players. All players will place a bet (Ante) into the prize pot. The player with the highest hand value will win the prize pot.

How To Win

Each player will be dealt 2 domino cards and the value of the hand is determined by adding the values of each individual domino cards.
The highest value you can get in the game is Nine (9), if after adding the cards and the result is more than Ten (10), then the number from the second digit will be the value of your hand.

The Player with the bigger hand value will win:

For Ceme Pot, in the event of 2 or more players have the same highest value, the player with strongest single domino tile will win the pot based on:

  • Pair
  • Stongest Bottom Value
  • Strongest Top Value


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