Bandar Ceme

Domino Card

There are total of 28 domino cards in the entire deck. They are namely:

Zero (0) Dot Series

One (1) Dot Series

Two (2) Dot Series

Three (3) Dot Series

Four (4) Dot Series

Five (5) Dot Series

Six (6) Dot Series

The Rules of Bandar Ceme Online

Fixed Banker Ceme is a game played by 2 to 8 players, 1 of which (denoted by the Banker Chip) will take the role as the banker. All the player will wager against the banker.

Betting Phase

Main Bet

Players can decide the amount they wish to wager against the banker during the betting phase. The minimum bet amount will be placed if the player does not make any wager in the time given. Players can select "Auto Last Bet" function to allow the system to auto place the previous bet by the player continuously.

Side Bet

Players can also choose to wager against other players at the same table by clicking on the player's name in the side bet box. Both players must place the side bet for it take effect, if only one player places a side bet, the side bet voided.

How To Win

Once the side bet takes effect, there will be a "VS" logo above the player's profile to indicate that is successful.
In sidebet, in the event of players have the same value, the player with strongest single domino tile will win the pot based on:

  • Pair
  • Strongest Bottom Value
  • Strongest Top Value

How To Win

Each player will be dealt 2 domino cards and the value of the hand is determined by adding the values of each individual domino cards.
The highest value you can get in the game is Nine (9), if after adding the cards and the result is more than Ten (10), then the number from the second digit will be the value of your hand.

The Player with the bigger hand value will win:

The Banker will always win if the result is a tie:

The Player will win double the wager amount if the player's hand value is 9:


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