Jackpot Poker

How to Purchase Jackpot?

Player are given the option to purchase the Jackpot for each game and rewarded massive payouts if they hit MONSTER HANDS!

Players are given 3 different bet options for Jackpot in the Jackpot box located at the bottom right of the table.

Price of bets differ in different stakes of the table.

Select the amount you wish to wager to subscribe to our Jackpot!

Jackpot Bets will be only be valid if players place their jackpot wagers and subscribed to the Jackpot before the round’s cards are dealt.

Amount wagered will be reflected at the bottom of the Jackpot Icon located at the top of the table.

How to Win Jackpot?

Jackpot will be won when at least 1 of your hole cards combined with the community cards form any of the below combination:

* Super Royal Flush will be won when 2 of your hole cards and the Flop 3 cards combine to form a Royal Flush.

Jackpot payouts can only be won when there are 1 or more players reaching Showdown with you.

More than 1 player can win the Jackpot Bonus in the same round


Only the highest payout will be offered if you hit more than 1 combination in a single Jackpot bet.

Payout tables can also be found by clicking on the Jackpot Icon at the top of the table.

Start purchasing Jackpot now to maximise profits from your MONSTER HANDS!


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